Promessage Email Settings for Thunderbird

Step Wise Manual Promessage mail settings for thunderbird

If you don't have a Promessage mail address.
you can create an email id from here then you can Promessage email login.

  • Open Thunderbird Software App. Click on Email
  • When you click on the email, pop-up Set UP an Existing Account Screen.
    Enter Your name, Promessage Email address and Password then press Continue.

  • Click on the Manual config menu at bottom.
  • Enter Below Promessage incoming server settings.
    In incoming click on the dropdown menu and select IMAP.
    Add server host :
    Port: 993
    select SSL/TLS
  • Enter Below Promessage outgoing server settings.
    In outgoing select SMTP.
    Add server host :
    Port: 587
    select SSL/TLS

  • Tap on Done. Now you are ready to use your Promessage email account on your Thunderbird.